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Flooding Tips and Tricks

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage to your home or business can be a devastating and costly experience; best addressed by an IICRC – Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification – recognized company. However, the same institute offers several resources which detail tips for flood damage and prevention, and more. Visit the link below for internationally accredited tips.

As an IICRC recognized franchise, SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe is trusted to take care of the water damage properly to prevent any further damage; particularly important as monsoon season approaches. We are always here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and work directly with your insurance to get the job done. Give us a call today at (480) 558-7620.

Summer Haboobs

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Frequently occurring across the Southwestern region of the United States, intense dust storms also referred to as haboobs, bring walls of dust billowing across miles of land during monsoon season. As monsoon season is upon us here in Arizona, it is important to be prepared in the following months and aware of the potential threats facing your home. Specifically, as dust storms can damage the integrity of your home and leave you vulnerable to further damages caused by the aggressive rain and storms that often follow. Here are a few preventative tips to help keep your property safe during a haboob:

  • Trim your trees - One of the greatest threats faced by homeowners during a dust storm is from falling trees and branches. Further, because dust storms typically strike with little to no notice, it is particularly critical to maintain your trees throughout the storm season.
  • Keep the roof in good shape – High winds from dust storms can be highly damaging to the roof of your home; particularly if you have shingles that are loose or starting to peel.
  • Put away umbrellas and other potential hazards – Directly preceding a haboob, putting away umbrellas and other outdoor items is extremely important as they are likely to become wind-blown debris and cause serious damage to your home. As a further precaution, dismantle and safely store umbrellas during storm season when you are not home as they are particularly dangerous; capable of inflicting blunt-force damage from wind as well as serving as a lightning rod alongside other metal items.
  • Keep windows and doors shut during the storm – During a haboob, ensure that all windows and doors are tightly shut to prevent strong winds from entering your home and damaging indoor items.

Beginning in June and continuing through September, monsoon season and the dust storms that accompany it are prevalent and highly threatening to residential and commercial property. However, with thorough preparation, you can hugely minimize potential damage. In the case that your home or business is affected by a summer haboob or storm, SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe is there to help. Call (480) 558-7620 for the high-quality and efficient remediation of your damages.

The Importance of Calling Certified Professionals for Water Damage

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

The amount of damage water can cause is amazing, and often underestimated by homeowners. Excess moisture is bad enough, but when a home is flooded or hit with a plumbing disaster (like a burst pipe), the situation can quickly get out of hand. There’s a reason why these incidents are among the most expensive problems a homeowner can face. Contaminated water not only creates immediate structural problems but can also leave serious biological threats behind after it has been removed.

Floods, sewage backflows, and other sources of contaminated fluid usually cause the worst damage. Dirty water is filled with all kinds of deadly substances, ranging from chemical residues to animal feces to parasites. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi grow explosively in contaminated fluid, and severe health risks, like salmonella and hepatitis, are common in floodwaters.

This problem is compounded by the composition of most homes, which are filled with organic materials. Drywall, wood, and the matter that is trapped in carpet fibers are just a few examples, and they can give pathogens room to grow. Within 48 hours, mold may begin creeping behind the walls and releasing spores, and any organic materials that have been soaked through by contaminated fluid will usually have to be destroyed.

SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe will dry the home quickly and apply antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agents to all surfaces that had contact with the water. This ensures that the family can return to a safe home, and not one harboring a collection of deadly pathogens.

Call us at (480) 558-7620 to speak to a representative, or visit our website for more information.

Make SERVPRO Part of Your Monsoon-Readiness Plan

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

What does monsoon season mean to your commercial business? Frequent throughout Arizona, monsoon season can be unpredictable, with damage ranging from high winds to flash flooding. Therefore, having a monsoon-readiness plan in place, should your business be affected by high winds or water damage, is a must.

Make SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and Tempe part of your monsoon-ready plan. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day to take your call and ready our crews for dispatch. Our highly trained technicians can evaluate and begin setting drying equipment immediately to start mitigating your business’s water damage. The faster water damage and flooding are attended to, the less structural damage is caused and the faster you can get your business back up and running.

At SERVPRO, we understand the importance of business being able to continue without dramatic hitches to efficiency or productivity. Unfortunately, monsoon damage can derail a business’s best efforts when water and wind affect the very building you rely upon to house your employees and/or produce your product or service.

Should your business be affected by the damaging monsoon storms to come, call SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe at (480) 558-7620 to speak to a highly knowledgeable representative, or visit our website for more information.

Winds, Floods, and Hail, Oh My!

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

In Gilbert and its surrounding communities, we can experience several kinds of storm damage. Specifically, damage resulting from heavy winds, floods, and hail. Consider the following notes should your home or business be affected by storm damage.

Wind Damage

The high winds of the Arizona desert often pose a severe threat to buildings’ integrity. Your roof, in particular, is highly susceptible to damage as strong winds may cause flying debris to hit or lift it. This can be exceptionally problematic to both home and business owners because roof leaks are, typically, only made apparent when the next storm hits.

Roof Leaks

As previously stated, roof leaks and roof damage can be difficult to detect. Storms can loosen the roof without creating an easily visible problem. However, the resulting damage can be extensive as even small roof leaks can produce damp, moldy conditions inside your home or business. It is critical to secure roof inspection and repair immediately after high winds. Doing so can prevent long-term interior damage. The professional technicians at SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler, South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe can assist home or business owners in receiving a comprehensive roof assessment and roof repair services when wind damage strikes.

Flood Damage

Heavy rains and flooding can cause water damage from many miles away. Flooding occurs when the land around your home or business cannot absorb additional water, thereby pooling the excess. Unfortunately, Arizona’s desert landscape makes the area prone to floods and flood damage. SERVPRO’s highly knowledgeable team can mitigate the effects of invading water as well as restoring the property “like it never even happened.”

Hail Damage

Hail can prove highly destructive; damaging roofs, exterior walls, and any detached buildings. In the event of a severe hail storm, it is encouraged that storm damage and restoration professionals inspect the structure for damage. Doing so ensures that any weaknesses to the exterior of the structure are identified and corrected before leading to other, more extensive, problems like water damage.

If your home or business has sustained damage after a storm, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe for more information or services.

Commercial Water Damage and Drying

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

In the case of a water loss, fast response time paired with effective methods of restoration are crucial. Capable of incurring harmful effects to the building’s structure, furniture, and scent, water losses on a commercial property can be detrimental to the functioning of a business. Furthermore, with damage to a building, there is potential for a loss of income and production. However, at SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe, we are constantly working to mitigate those damages and manage each project through completion. Whether your emergency occurs in a small office building or a superstore, our team of highly trained and certified technicians will ensure that your business is operating at full capacity as quickly as possible.

As is exemplified in the photo above, SERVPRO offers the latest technology in cleaning and drying equipment as well as highly knowledgeable technicians to service commercial properties. Pictured, is a select situation in which we were able to remove the vinyl molding at the base of the wall and drill several 1/2" holes, every foot. Air movers are then placed along the wall to blow a continuous stream of air. This helps increase circulation within the wall and speeds up the drying process while avoiding cutting into the drywall. Once the area is completely dry, it is easy to repair the holes and replace the vinyl molding. 

Call us at (480) 558-7620. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you need fast, reliable help to restore your business after waterfiremold, or storm damage, we can get you back to business, “Like it never even happened.”

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

“These issues seem to always happen at the worst time but SERVPRO was truly A+ in every aspect of the job, service, and cleanup." - Steve R.

“Highly recommended. Professional, responsive, great communication and follow-up. Great follow-through with insurance and professional and timely repairs. A great crew here in Gilbert.” - Arny P.

“Should we ever need services in the future I would have instant peace of mind knowing SERVPRO could be of help.” - Haylie D.

“Excellent customer service and the best with handling everything. Great crew, very happy and friendly. From a scale of 1-10, 11!" - Eugene S.

Upon determining why one might choose SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe, we feel that it is most important to consider the opinions of those who have received our services. In our business, it’s not enough to say it, we must show it – to every customer, during every job – because our credibility comes only from accomplishing the goals we have set before ourselves and achieving genuine customer satisfaction.

At SERVPRO, we strive to be consistent, efficient, effective, communicative, and professional. And, it is because of customer statements validating our fulfillment of such goals that we believe you should choose SERVPRO.

Call us at (480) 558-7620 or visit our website for more information.

Keys to Expecting the Unexpected

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Whether your Gilbert business manages condo or townhouse complexes, is a retail outlet or restaurant, or provides other goods or services, damage from a water crisis can bring misery and financial ruin. Modern water mitigation techniques are up to the task of restoring the harm, but timing is everything. Consider working with us to develop a plan that anticipates the problems and puts in place solutions designed for your business’s specific situation.

Commercial water damage in Gilbert is costly in both money and reputation. A business that experiences water incursion must not only respond to the damage done to structures and contents, but also assure tenants, customers, and clients that the issue is only a setback, not an event that makes your services and products permanently unavailable. Prompt action offered by our capable services, should they be needed, gives your business contacts the confidence that you will be back and ready to meet their needs swiftly.

SERVPRO offers a unique opportunity to our commercial customers through the implementation of our Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP). One of our experienced project managers travels to your site or sites to evaluate your vulnerabilities if water damages should intrude. We also take pictures and make diagrams so that the spaces inside are familiar in the event we need to respond.

Expect recommendations intended to limit the extent of water damage. Suggestions to adapt storage decisions, protect vital equipment, or repair or replace systems we note need maintenance, can go a long way to reducing the risk of water damage or make it less devastating if it occurs. And, once evaluated, SERVPRO codifies the assessment into an easily accessible digital document to which we can refer if necessary.

You have a chance to add pertinent details to the ERP using our mobile app, “Ready Plan” by SERVPRO Industries, Inc. A personalized profile allows you to rank your priorities, share information about vendors and contractors who can assist SERVPRO technicians responding to the water crisis, and designate trusted employees or others who can direct the mitigation and restoration effort if you are unavailable. Using the ERP system also clarifies your use of our services to respond to water damage.

SERVPRO of Gilbert awaits your call to start designing a unique Emergency Ready Plan for your business. Contact us at (480) 558-7620 to schedule an assessment with one of our seasoned managers.

Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe During Monsoon Season

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Monsoons bring very unpredictable weather patterns and unique danger. The dry Arizona deserts are vulnerable to heavy rain, thunderstorms, and fast flooding dangers. Keep your furry friends safe by making sure that you have a pet safety plan in place.

Here are some ideas to help keep your furry friends comfortable and safe during the monsoon season.

  1. Keep your pets inside. When weather strikes, a pet can become frightened quickly. So, secure all pet doors and, should you need to take your pet outside, ensure that all outside gates are firmly closed.
  2. Some pet families consider putting a tight shirt on their pet to reduce anxiety.
  3. Give them a safe place to wait for the storm out where they feel secure. Providing them with some of their favorite toys or treats may help ease their anxiety.
  4. Create an emergency pet kit with a leash, food, bowls, fresh water, and any medications or important medical records. This can be kept near the front door or in your car.
  5. When walking your dog after a storm, make sure that your pets are kept on a leash and out of washes and fast running water as heavy rains can lead to flash flooding.
  6. Heavy winds can lead to sharp debris that may injure pets. Make sure to clear any hazards from your yard before letting pets out again.

Visual cues such as lightning or blowing leaves and dirt, as well as auditory cues such as rain and thunder, are common triggers of fear and anxiety in pets; oftentimes presenting as general anxiety, whining, barking, house soiling, or destructive behavior. Address storm-related anxieties with pets by creating positive associations with storms by giving them treats, toys, and verbal praise for appropriate behavior.

Monsoon season can be a scary time for pet owners and their furry companions, but it doesn’t have to be; just be sure to stay informed and prepared!

SERVPRO of Gilbert is ready to support you during monsoon season. Call us in the event of a residential or commercial storm, water, or fire damage at (480) 558-7620.

Warped Wood

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Wood Floor Separation Close up of wood floor separated and swelled from water damage.

Despite their added value to a home and general durability, an unfortunate fact of hardwood flooring is that, once water damaged, it will swell and buckle; causing lifted and uneven floors. Several factors determine whether water-damaged hardwood floors may be salvageable in a way that makes financial sense. Two of the most influential factors impacting its ability to recover are the severity and duration of water exposure.

For the best chance of restoring a hardwood floor after water damage, here are some contributing factors:

  • The rapid removal of pooling water before it is absorbed is critical. This can be done by water damage professionals with wet/dry vacuums and powerful water extractors.
  • Wood floors affected by water should be thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized before air-drying to mitigate the potential for mold contamination.
  • Industrial dehumidifiers must be kept running 24 hours a day to reduce moisture content. High-volume air movers are also utilized to continuously circulate air and expedite drying.
  • Moisture content reading of the wood must be taken at regular intervals to determine when the optimum moisture percentage is achieved.

At SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee, and South Tempe, we understand that flooding often comes quickly and unexpectedly, thereby causing extensive damage. That is why we are equipped and capable of offering mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction services for hardwood flooring with minimal to extensive damage.

Our phones are staffed daily to take your call and dispatch our crews as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and restore your home, “Like it never even happened.”